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4 Reasons Why a Ductless Mini Split is a Great Heating Option

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Ductless system vancouver wa is a great option for residential heating as well as cooling. Residential are being revolutionized by this new technologyIt is a fairly recent technology that is revolutionizing how homes are heated and cooled. Its advanced technology is energy efficient, heats well in our moderate Pacific Northwest climate, and is zoned by design allowing for optimum comfort for you and your family.

Energy Efficiency

Ductless mini split vancouver wa systems are up to 40% more efficient than traditional systems. You may be asking yourself how this is possible. According to the Energy Trust of OR, “Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning, especially if the ducts are in an unconditioned space such as an attic.”  Leaky duct work can be a frequent and serious problem for ducted heating systems. This can occur due to the ducts being installed incorrectly and/or over time by wear and tear of the system. Duct sealing can be costly. With a ductless system vancouver wa, you don’t have to worry about leaky duct work or getting your ducts cleaned every 7 years. We carry ductless mini split vancouver wa systems that are Energy Rated between 18-39 Seer.

Heating Mode

If you currently heating your home with electric cadet wall heaters or propane, ductless mini split vancouver wa systems are cheaper to run no matter what temperature it is outside. Mitsubishi hyper heat ductless systems can provide heat down to -13 degrees. Now that’s impressive! However just because these systems can heat your house when it’s that cold outside doesn’t mean it is the most cost-effective option. The most cost-effective heating option depends on the outdoor temperature.

Do you currently use an oil furnace to heat your home? A ductless mini-split is cheaper to run until it’s cooler than 25 degrees outside. However, ductless systems can still run below 25 degrees. Since we live a moderate climate, which rarely gets below freezing, ductless system vancouver wa is a great efficient heating option.


Ductless systems zone your home. Each zone is heated by an indoor heat, which is mounted to the wall. You will save money on your utility bills because you only have to heat the rooms you are using. Plus, you can control these zones from your computer, laptop and/or smart phone adding to it’s ease of use.


Local utility companies offer rebates on qualifying ductless systems. In Vancouver, WA Clark PUD offers rebates of up to $1000. The Energy Trust of OR offers rebates for Portland, OR residents of up to $800. In addition, manufacturers have seasonal promotions with manufacturer rebates available for their high efficiency systems.

About Miller’s Heating & Air: Miller’s Heating & Air is a residential HVAC company that has been serving Vancouver, WA and North Portland, OR since 1947. Miller’s services includes repair, maintenance, replacement and/or installation, duct cleaning, duct sealing and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  Call us at 360-524-2880 for any of your heating and cooling needs or click here to request an appointment online.

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