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5 Easy Ways to Save Money This Summer

summer savings, ac or heat pump

1. Adjust your thermostat settings. Energy Star recommends using this temperature schedule during the warm summer months:

6 a.m. – waking setpoint of 78 degrees or higher for cooling season
8 a.m. – daytime setting increase of 7 degrees
6 p.m. – evening return to waking setpoint
10 p.m. – night setting increase of 4 degrees
A programmable thermostat will make using this schedule easier as it can automate these changes throughout the day for you.

2. Change your air conditioner filter. Your system will function more efficiently when the air conditioner filter isn’t overly clogged with dirt and dust blocking air flow. Make sure to check your filter every 4-6 months and change the filter when there is dirt build up present.

3. Remove any debris around your AC and/or Heat Pump. Make sure that nothing is blocking or leaning up against your AC and/or Heat Pump. It is better for the system to be in shade, but ensure that debris won’t fall into it from trees or bushes.

4. Open all your vents. Closing vents changes the balance of air flowing in and out of the ductwork, which causes more strain on the system. This can result in higher utility bills over time so keep all your vents open.

5. Replace your old AC or Heat Pump. If your system is 12 years or older, it may be time to replace your current AC or Heat Pump. Upgrading to a newer and more efficient system, will cut down on your utility bills.


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