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HVAC Issues And Repairs

7 Most Common HVAC Issues And Repairs

HVAC systems are meant to last for years, but that’s only possible with timely maintenance and regular upkeep. So make sure to call for professional services at least twice a year to look over the unit and repair or replace what’s needed, and you won’t ever have to worry about a malfunctioning HVAC ever again.

After all, no one wants to be left sweating in the heat of summer or shivering in the freezing winters. This is all the more true if you live in cities like Vancouver, where the weather has become unpredictable and goes to extremes without much warning.

But in case something does go wrong, it is important to know possible issues that can plague your heating and cooling in Vancouver, WA, so you can get it fixed before the harsh weather hits you. This will also help you inform the technician of the severity of the problem and follow up with them. You should also know what to look for in technicians before hiring them for a job.

Here are 8 of the most common HVAC issues:

Blown Fuses

A slight disruption in the flow of electricity can quickly damage the electric and motor circuits inside an HVAC unit.

The fuse in the evaporator coil is meant to protect the compressor or motor from overheating. It is set within wiring systems at strategic places to prevent the circuits from sustaining damage.  They break the electrical current whenever there is a disruption in the electric flow.

Fuses are designed to take on the damage and burnout to prevent the circuits from getting affected.

If the HVACs fuse has blown, it means that an electric circuit overload, a shortage in wiring, or one of the components is dead or on its last leg. So, it would be best to get a technician to inspect your HVAC system for an underlying problem.

Worn Contractor

You will find three contractors in an HVAC system—one for each, the condenser fan motor, the compressor, and the blower motor. These contractors make an electrical connection with various parts of the system to relay information. For example, they supply direct electric current to various circuits when you start the compressor and motors.

This manages the temperature by disconnecting power to the unit when the room reaches the required temperature. That’s why your thermostat still turns on when it gets broken, even though the AC won’t work.

Before a contractor dies completely, there are a few symptoms that will indicate that it’s faulty. For instance, you may hear a humming, chattering sound, or even see plastic melting because of the overheating.

This year was the hottest summer Vancouver has experienced, and many local homes experienced this issue. It is imperative that you keep the systems up and ready to survive the extreme temperatures. Heating or cooling in Vancouver, WA, isn’t a problem as long as you’ve done some preemptive maintenance.


The capacitor helps the HVAC unit’s motor run at a consistent speed that’s rated in microfarads. In addition, compressors get a push in starting torque with the help of capacitors. When a capacitor goes bad, the most common problem your HVAC unit might have is starting. Your compressor will begin having difficultly when firing up. It may even stutter when you turn it on.

Before a capacitor completely burns out, you will hear a clicking sound. However, if the capacitor burns out, you will need to get it replaced by a professional for the HVAC to work properly.


The key to extending the life of your HVAC is to clean and replace the filters of your HVAC system on a regular basis. This ensures that your furnace and air conditioner won’t choke and perform efficiently.

On the contrary, if the HVAC filter is dirty, it can become much more challenging for the unit to work and circulate the air throughout your home. Not only will this put a strain on your furnace’s blower, but it also decreases the quality of air and comfort indoors. In addition, the choking caused by the dirty filter can cause overheating and completely shut down the HVAC unit.

If your heat pump breaks and you need a repair, get your Vancouver heat pump installation done before it gets too cold.

HVAC Issues And Repairs


This is one of the most vital devices in your HVAC unit. It tells the unit what to do and when to do it.  Unfortunately, sometimes the thermostat turns off accidentally, or the setting gets messed up, so you must check for those issues before calling a technician.

Another possibility is that your thermostat batteries are drained. Otherwise, call a technician if:

  • the unit doesn’t start or turn off when you want it to
  • thermostat or interface is unresponsive
  • You feel inconsistent temperature around the home

Drain Lines

If you notice leakage from your unit, check your drain line. It can easily get clogged with algae, gunk, and dirt, filling up the drain, leading to water leakage and water damage.  To avoid leakage, you need to keep the drain line clean as a part of routine maintenance. However, in case your HVAC unit has already started leaking, call a technician and get it fixed asap. A major perk of regular maintenance is that it costs less than repairs and replacements, so there is absolutely no reason to delay that call.


A compressor located with the condenser coil is the heart of an HVAC unit.  The issue that happens in compressors is caused by negligence. When the refrigerants are undercharged in the unit, the compressor will overheat and eventually seize.  On the contrary, if the technician overcharges the unit, the liquid refrigerant will cause liquid slugging when it returns to the compressor.  So, ensure that your technician fills the proper amount of refrigerant in your A/C.

Wrapping Up

Most of these problems are quite small and easy to fix but could indicate a complex underlying problem. In case you neglect the heating and cooling issues for too long, they can grow into much more significant and more expensive complications down the line. This can decrease the life span of your HVAC, and you will have to replace it way before than you need to.

You can avoid most HVAC issues with regular preventive maintenance calls. This way, you can also prevent outages during extreme weather.

If you want fast and reliable HVAC maintenance services in Vancouver, WA, call Millers Heating today.

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