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Miller’s Heating & Air in Vancouver, WA Shares Information About HVAC Maintenance

A home’s HVAC system often goes neglected for years, until something goes wrong with it. But the heating system and air conditioning system should be inspected and maintained annually. The benefits of routine maintenance include increased safety, savings on utility bills, better energy efficiency, improved air quality, reduced breakdowns, and more.

But what exactly does HVAC system maintenance entail? When you schedule a furnace tune up or air conditioner maintenance, what exactly should you expect? The experts at Miller’s Heating & Air are here to walk you through the process.

The HVAC Maintenance Process

HVAC System Assessment

First, the technician will figure out what type of HVAC system you have in your home. There are many different kinds of heating systems (including forced air furnaces, air handlers, and boilers, to name a few), just like there are many different types of air conditioners (central air and ductless are two of the most common). A certified HVAC technician should have experience with most HVAC systems.

The technician may ask you questions regarding your system’s performance. This is the time to bring up any concerns you may have. They will then give the system a once-over to look for any obvious issues.

HVAC assessment

HVAC System Inspection

Inspecting the system is a large part of any HVAC maintenance. The technician will look for signs of wear and tear, areas that need repair, and parts that may need replacement. Some specific steps your technician may take include:

  • Test the thermostat to make sure the heater and/or air conditioner turns on and off properly.
  • Check the pilot light to ensure safe, consistent ignition.
  • Inspect pertinent electrical connections to look for loose wires or broken connections.
  • Inspect fan blades and fan belt for proper alignment.
  • Look for leaks and corrosion in the main unit.
  • Check condensate drain lines for buildup or clogs.
  • Make sure exhaust is venting properly.

HVAC System Maintenance and Cleaning

To get your HVAC system back in prime condition, the technician may do the some or all of the following:

  • Open the heater or air conditioner and clean the inside.
  • Clean the evaporator coils and/or heating elements.
  • Adjust the alignment on fan blades and belts.
  • Straighten condenser fins with a comb.
  • Clean or replace the air filter.
  • Lubricate all moving parts as needed.
  • Replace worn or faulty parts if needed.

It’s typical for an HVAC technician to check with you, the customer, before making any drastic changes or repairs, as additional costs may apply. You may receive a written report of how your system fared and recommended actions for the future.

Benefits Of Routine Heating System Maintenance

There are many benefits of routine HVAC system maintenance. Here are the top five reasons to schedule a furnace tune up or air conditioner maintenance today:

  • Safety: When a furnace or air conditioner is routinely maintained, it is less likely to emit harmful fumes or carbon monoxide.
  • Energy Efficiency: Well-maintained HVAC systems don’t have to work as hard, saving money on fuel and electricity, and it’s better for the environment.
  • Longevity: A heater or air conditioner will last longer if it is well cared for.
  • Improved Air Quality: Replacing the filter and cleaning the inside of the unit will keep dirt and debris from entering the home, resulting in cleaner air.
  • Avoid Future Breakdowns: Having the HVAC system inspected annually will allow potential problems to be caught and resolved before they become a major issue.

Furnace Maintenance

Trust Miller’s Heating & Air For Furnace Maintenance

To schedule a furnace tune up or air conditioner maintenance in Vancouver, WA, call on the trusted team at Miller’s Heating & Air. They are experienced in furnace tune ups, air conditioner service, emergency heating system repairs, duct cleaning, and more. Miller’s Heating & Air offers prompt, friendly service backed by a guarantee of 100% complete customer satisfaction.

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