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ac safety inspection

A reputable and licensed HVAC company should provide an ac safety inspection during an annual maintenance of your air conditioner.  Annual maintenance is required to keep your manufacturer warranties active. They also help to (1) keep your equipment running efficiently, and (2) extend the life of your equipment. Our World Class Maintenance Plan is an effortless way to make sure your system is taken care through professional annual maintenances and expert diagnostic care.

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This is checklist our technicians use while performing an AC Safety Inspection:

  1. Check Both Coils- Indoor & Outdoor

Dirty coils increase the pressure of the refrigerant in your system, which wastes energy and increases your utility bills. Also, it adds unnecessary wear and tear on your system.

ac safety inspection

  1. Check Freon Levels & For Freon Leaks

It’s important  to check the level of the freon in your system during an ac safety inspection. If it’s either too high or too low, it can raise your utility bills by up to 30%.

Freon leaks are not uncommon. Left unchecked freon leaks can cause compression failure.

ac safety inspection

  1. Check Thermostat

Ensure that the thermostat is running properly and doesn’t need the batteries changed.

With a smart thermostat, you can set your cooling and/or heating to a set schedule. For example, you could have your home set to a slightly higher temperature in the summer while you are away from the home. This allows you to save energy and lower your utility bills.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save up to 10% on your cooling bills by adjusting your thermostat to 7-10 degrees warmer for 8 hrs. a day.

Smart Thermostat Schedule

  1. Check All Electrical Components

Electrical components can become loose overtime. This leads to system operational issues that may result in control, compressor and/or motor replacement. Make sure to check all electrical components during an ac safety inspection.

  1. Check Electrical Contactor

An electrical contactor should be checked for loose wires and worn contacts.

  1. Check Strip Heat on Electrical Furnaces

Ensure that the strip heat is running properly so it’s not a safety concern and doesn’t waste energy.

  1. Check Filters

Filters should be changed regularly. How often a filter should be changed depends on your filter type as well as other factors in the home. Click here to learn more about how often you should change your filters.

Dirty Filter

  1. Check Emergency Drain

Make sure that your emergency drain doesn’t have any blockages. You want the emergency drain to be clear of debris and dirt so you can avoid any potential water damage.

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A reputable and licensed HVAC company should provide an ac safety inspection during an annual maintenance of your air conditioner.  #AC #safety #inspection @millersheatingair

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