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Ductless Mini-Split Operation in Extreme Cold Temperatures

Ductless mini-splits perform best in moderate climates. Extremely cold weather like what the East Coast experiences during the winter can dramatically impact the heating performance of ductless mini-splits. Luckily in the Vancouver, WA and North Portland, OR area we don’t see weather below 32 degrees Fahrenheit often. However, it’s important to understand how extreme cold temperatures impacts your ductless mini-split …

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Ductless heat pump systems

Ductless Heat Pump Systems

Ductless heat pump systems have quickly become the best option for homeowners looking to install a system that heats and cools their home. Plus ductless systems have better efficiency ratings than a conventional ducted system. Homeowners with electric ceiling, wall, or baseboard heat that do not have ductwork installed in their home find these systems especially attractive because it saves …

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