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What to Know Before Buying a New Furnace

You have decided to either replace an existing furnace or add one to your home. Here are a few aspects of furnaces you should know about before making the investment with a licensed HVAC contractor: Types Furnaces can run on different energy sources such as electric, gas and oil. Electric furnaces are environmentally friendly, and energy efficient. However, it costs …

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furnace replacement

Is It Time to Replace Your Furnace?

Are you thinking about furnace replacement,  but are unsure if it’s the right time? Age, cost of repair and the energy efficiency of your furnace all factor into whether a furnace should be replaced. It’s important to keep track of the health of furnace as it ages. Otherwise, your first thought of replacement might occur in the height of the …

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heat your home, furnace myths, service repair, annual maintenance on your furnace

Winter Furnace Myths Debunked!

During the winter months, we all want to keep our home comfortably warm while not spending too much money. Unfortunately, there are a lot of furnace myths that are circulating on the internet and by word of mouth. These furnace myths won’t actually save you money and may harm your furnace resulting in necessary service repair. In this blog, we …

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furnace prices, price of furnace

Furnace Prices, Efficiencies and Sizing

When looking for a new furnace one of the biggest considerations are furnace prices. Furnace Prices, however, are determined by many small differences from one furnace to another. From efficiency to noise level to size, we will breakdown the major differences here. Types One of the major differences is between gas and electric furnaces. Gas Furnaces are fueled by natural …

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furnace service, indoor air quality, indoor heating furnace service,

Why Is Fall Furnace Service Crucial?

When the leaves start to change to their beautiful yellow, orange and red coloring, it’s official that Fall has arrived! While still enjoying the Fall splendor, it’s good to remember that winter is just around the corner. This is the ideal time to schedule your annual furnace service before the cold and potentially harsh weather hits. It’s the industry standard …

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furnace repair camas wa, furnace repair vancouver wa, heating repair vancouver wa, hvac contractor vancouver wa, heating duct service

Common Reasons Why Your Furnace Isn’t Working

It’s winter time and the furnace you have come to depend on for you and your family’s comfort isn’t heating your home. What could be causing the problem? In this article we outline four common reasons why your furnace isn’t heating your home. Bearings, Belts and/or Motor Issues Bearings, belts and motors can break over time due to the wear …

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heat exchangers, leak out of the furnace, what does a cracked heat exchanger look like

Cracked Heat Exchangers are Dangerous

What Does a Cracked Heat Exchanger Look Like? Heat exchangers are present in all gas furnaces. Gas is ignited and used to heat up the heat exchanger. After the heat exchanger is hot, the air around the exchanger is warmed. This air will then be distributed throughout the system. Gas furnaces will last anywhere between ten to twenty years, during …

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