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7 Most Common HVAC Issues And Repairs

7 Most Common HVAC Issues And Repairs HVAC systems are meant to last for years, but that’s only possible with timely maintenance and regular upkeep. So make sure to call for professional services at least twice a year to look over the unit and repair or replace what’s needed, and you won’t ever have to worry about a malfunctioning HVAC …

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Sealing Ducts in Vancouver City Homes

Sealing Ducts in Vancouver Homes

Leaking Ductwork: A Major Problem That’s Often Overlooked In Residential Buildings. Most homeowners understand the importance of getting their HVAC systems repaired by professional technicians to ensure adequate home cooling or heating. But they often ignore the fact that ducts are also a significant part of their heating or cooling system. Leaking ducts make HVACs inefficient at maintaining a constant …

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Important Spring Service On Your HVAC System

Learn the Importance of Spring Heater and AC Service with Miller’s Heating & Air Spring is a great time to have your HVAC system serviced. The period when it’s warm enough to no longer need the heater and not yet hot enough to require air conditioning is the perfect time to have work done on your HVAC system. Spring heater …

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