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How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Have you been hearing the term indoor air quality Vancouver or IAQ used more lately? The reason it’s a hot topic is because of how negatively poor indoor air quality can effect the health of your family. It is estimated that indoor air can be up to 70 times more polluted than outdoor air. With poor indoor air quality in …

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Indoor Air Quality: Tips to Clean It Up

Clean air is essential to a healthy home. This is sometimes referred to as indoor air quality. Airborne bacteria and microbes attribute to colds and flu as well as allergies to pollen and dust. Clean, fresh air also helps cleanse our bodies and helps us stay more focused and energized. NASA and IAQ NASA knows the value of clean air …

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Does Your System Need a Duct Cleaning?

 Duct cleaning is easy to forget to schedule since it’s out of sight and out of mind. However, it is important for the indoor air quality of your home as well as your health to get your ductwork cleaned every 5-7 years. Studies have shown that the levels of some hazardous pollutants can be 70 times greater in indoor air. …

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How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filters?

Do you know how many times a year you should be changing your furnace filters? Let’s be honest, most of us don’t even think about changing the furnace filters in our heating and air conditioning system. Filter replacement frequency depends on multiple factors including: the rating of the filter pets in your home if you have had your ducts cleaned …

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What is an Air Scrubber?

What is an Air Scrubber for HVAC? A proven product made in the United States that uses NASA technology to protect, clean, disinfect, and sterilize your furnace, the air you breathe, and the surfaces in your home. We install this small device in your ductwork so you never even see it, but you will see the benefits. Whether you realize …

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What to Know About HVAC Filters

There are many different kinds of HVAC filters. The most common filter is a disposable type known as a pleated filter. To the left is an example of a disposable pleated filter. The surface of these filters are not flat. In fact they are quite rigid. In the picture to the left you can see ridges or peaks on the …

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A Glance at Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that according to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than the outdoor air? I didn’t. Did you also know that most of the dirt and dust indoors comes from dead skin cells? I didn’t. Lastly, did you know studies have shown that men and women spend 90% of their time indoors? I …

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