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Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner After you purchase your air conditioner and have a professional HVAC company install it, you can’t just sit back and forget about it. Air conditioners require cooling maintenance especially on its coils, filters and fins. Otherwise the wear and tear on your system can cause your air conditioner to have cooling issues leading to necessary air …

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summer savings, ac or heat pump, cooling maintenance vancouver, cool your home

5 Practical Summer Savings Tips

It’s important to cool your home this summer. However, you don’t want to pay high utility bills either. Luckily there are easy adjustments you can make, apart from your annual cooling maintenance vancouver, which will save you money. Read our top tips on how your Ac or heat pump can cool your home while also keeping your bills manageable. 1.Adjust …

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AC repair, hvac contractor, hvac repair vancouver wa, heat pump repair vancouver wa

How to Pick an AC Repair Contractor

AC repairs and heat pump repair vancouver wa are far from cheap and choosing the right contractor to perform the repair can be difficult. Here are five things to keep in mind when picking an AC repair contractor. Are they a Certified HVAC Contractor? There are plenty of people out there doing non-certified work with illegitimate business licensing. If a non-certified HVAC …

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spring cleaning, lennox heat pump filters

Spring Cleaning Cocktail

It’s spring time, the lawn finally gets mowed again, closets get cleaned out, the garage gets an overhaul, and the kitchen gets reorganized. The dust is flying and when it settles we have the hardest time keeping it off of our newly cleaned house. It also happens to be the season when all those beautiful flowers bloom and many of …

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