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Heat Pump Operate In Winter

How Does A Heat Pump Operate In Winter?

  How Does A Heat Pump Operate In Winter? Heat pumps are an effective and cost-efficient heating solution for homeowners. These pull in air from the outside and convert it into hot or cold air.  Most people choose to get HVAC in Vancouver, WA, because heat pumps have a better energy efficiency rating than other electric heating appliances and are …

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spring cleaning, lennox heat pump filters

Spring Cleaning Cocktail

It’s spring time, the lawn finally gets mowed again, closets get cleaned out, the garage gets an overhaul, and the kitchen gets reorganized. The dust is flying and when it settles we have the hardest time keeping it off of our newly cleaned house. It also happens to be the season when all those beautiful flowers bloom and many of …

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WiFi Thermostats, thermostats, furnace thermostats, thermostats for heat pumps

WiFi Thermostats

Today as I got in my car after it had been sitting in direct sunlight, a wave of super-hot air surrounded me. I turned the air conditioner on full blast and opened all the windows for a couple minutes until a little bit of cool air teased my face. Then I quickly shut all the windows and waited till the …

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Control Your Thermostat from Your Smart Phone

With the Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi and iComfortS30 thermostats, you can control your thermostat from your smartphone, tablet or laptop from anywhere in the world. No need to worry if you are on vacation and the weather back home shifts drastically while you are away. All you have to do to adjust the temperature in your home is download the app …

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