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It’s almost here! Warm weather. Bust out the swim trunks and head down to the river folks… Well, on second thought we may need to wait a few more months before we take swim. But long before we do that, we are probably turning on our air conditioners. Do yourself a favor and make sure you have completed your cooling maintenance before the warm weather arrives. The best cooling maintenance is a professional pre-season ac tune-up performed by a trained technician. A pre-season ac tune-up is  the best way to ensure your air conditioner doesn’t have cooling problems this summer.

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How Your AC Works

Not familiar with how your AC works? Check out our new Sincerely Miller’s video that goes over what you can expect from your ac this summer. Here are some of the highlights…Contrary to popular belief, an air conditioner is not actually moving cold air. In fact, air conditioners move heat. An AC acts just like a heat pump. It pumps heat from one area of the house to the other. The heat inside your home is being absorbed into the refrigerant. That refrigerant is then being pumped outside. Therefore, when your air conditioner is running it should be pulling in air through the coil and then pushing the warm air out of the top of the unit. Some of the main components of an air conditioner include a: compressor, coil, contactor, capacitor, fan, motor, line set, etc.

AC Tune-Up Benefits

Your air conditioner unit is like your car. It needs regular maintenance, in this case cooling maintenance, in order to run properly.

  • Dramatically lowers the chance of a breakdown. Note: Over 90% of AC mechanical breakdowns are due to dust and dirt. 
  • Keeps your manufacturer warranties active
  • Equipment runs more efficiently
  • Longer life span of equipment
  • Increased safety for those in your household

Schedule Pre-Season AC Tune-Up

Millers Heating and Air is your local Vancouver and North Portland expert with over 70 years experience with a pre-season ac tune-up. Call us at 360-524-2880 or click here to schedule your ac tune-up or a service call if you are having cooling problems!

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A pre-season ac tune-up is  the best way to ensure your air conditioner doesn’t break down this summer. #ACmaintenance #ACtuneup @millersheatingair


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