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Furnace Prices, Efficiencies and Sizing

furnace prices, price of furnace

When looking for a new furnace one of the biggest considerations are furnace prices. Furnace Prices, however, are determined by many small differences from one furnace to another. From efficiency to noise level to size, we will breakdown the major differences here.


One of the major differences is between gas and electric furnaces. Gas Furnaces are fueled by natural gas to heat your home while electricity powers electric furnaces, pretty simple. Electric furnaces have largely been replaced by air handlers which are indoor units that are usually paired with a heat pump and have electric coils built into them for backup heat.


Tonnage/BTUs are the measurements that determine how large or powerful a furnace is, the larger your home the bigger the furnace typically. As you increase the BTU output of a furnace the price increases in correlation. The blower in the furnace also has to be able to circulate air at enough force to reach all areas of your home at a consistent rate.


Efficiency is a large factor in the price of a furnace. Units that are more efficient with fuel consumption or energy use are premium units and also have components that will regulate energy usage and fuel consumption to maximize efficiency and save money over the long run. The upfront cost of these premium units tend to be a little higher than the lower efficiency units.


Brand can easily affect the price of a furnace just like brand name products of any type tend to be premium products and are more expensive. It is important to do your research and buy not only off of a recognized brand name but also because of current quality, warranties, and value for how much you are going to pay.


Current Specials and deals may save you a nice chunk of money on your furnace purchase. Look around and see what specials there may be available to you. One consideration here is to make sure the special is on the furnace you want or a comparable furnace. Many times the specials you see will be on entry level furnaces and may not apply to the premium furnaces.

Manufacturers also offer rebates from time to time. Be sure to ask or check with the manufacturer to see what available rebates there are at that time. In addition to manufacturer rebates, utility companies often offer rebates or incentives for high efficiency furnaces. You will get your largest rebates if buying your furnace with a heat pump or air conditioner.

To see the current specials and rebates on Furnaces from Millers heating & Air visit our furnace specials page.

furnace prices price of a furnace

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