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We have all had it happen, we try fixing and patching something up to get every last drop of usefulness out of it before it breaks down on us but in the process it costs us about as much to repair it as replace it.  The same can happen with our heat pumps and furnaces. Your heating and cooling system can break down unexpectedly; the repair costs can be almost as much as a new system. What can we do in these situations?

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Repair or Replace

Replacing a heating and cooling system can be less of a dent in your wallet than you might think. With all of the rebates, incentives, and seasonal manufacturer promotions you can take up to 20% off of the price of a new system. That could be a couple thousand dollars saved. Plus that doesn’t include the dramatic increase in efficiency and large monthly savings on your utilities bill.

Also, visit our specials page where we post installation specials and savings. All of our specials can be stacked on top of rebates, and manufacturer promotions.

Just getting by with an old or outdated system could be costing you more money than you realize. If your systems is 12-20 years old and needing repairs, it is probably more cost effective to replace it. In addition, the older the system the more inefficient it is and the higher your utility bills will be. We recommend having a yearly maintenance and safety check to prevent breakdowns in the middle of the peak hot or cold seasons where you need your heat pump, ac, or furnace the most. Prevent the emergency before it happens. Then you can plan and time your purchase perfectly to get all the best rebates and savings possible.

For more information on our service and maintenances and about rebates, incentives, promotions, and specials, visit our monthly specials page and call or email us.

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