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Heat Pump Operate In Winter


Heat Pump Operate In WinterHow Does A Heat Pump Operate In Winter?

Heat pumps are an effective and cost-efficient heating solution for homeowners. These pull in air from the outside and convert it into hot or cold air.  Most people choose to get HVAC in Vancouver, WA, because heat pumps have a better energy efficiency rating than other electric heating appliances and are considered an excellent option for year-round cooling and heating needs.

So, why is it that some homeowners avoid investing in one?

You might have already got your heat pump from an HVAC contractor in Vancouver, WA , but the trouble will likely arise during the winter. Most people need the heat pump working at its best in this season, but they don’t know how to get it to function optimally.

How Does A Heat Pump Work In The Winters

Once you’ve got your heat pump installation in Vancouver, WA, you should explore how it works to ensure smooth operation. Basically, the heat pump pulls in air from the outside, converts it into the clean, warm or cold air, and pumps it into the house. Here’s what that involves:

Heat Extraction

The heat pump is different from a window, as it doesn’t merely bring outside air in but also extracts heat from the air.

It all comes down to how efficiently your heat pump does it. Temperature as low as 32 °F can be easily handled by a heat pump meant for home use. Anything lower than that is when the performance starts to waver.

If you live in a region that experiences average winter lows of 36 °F, your heat pump is probably working at maximum capacity. So, you must call for an HVAC service in Vancouver, WA, to ensure that it keeps operating smoothly and doesn’t break down.

Defrost Mode

Often heat pumps stop pumping hot air into the house, setting off alarm bells for homeowners. This is usually because of the defrost mode during extreme cold when the fan inside your heat pump starts gathering condensation and ice, affecting the performance.

To counteract this, the heat pump starts pumping hot air towards the fan to warm it and avoid ice buildup. Unfortunately, the problem arises when it won’t stop doing this. So, if you see the situation escalating, call for an HVAC service in Vancouver, WA.

Although the defrost mode is a normal function of any heat pump, there are instances where it can default to defrost mode more often than not. If that’s the case, make sure that you call an HVAC contractor in Vancouver, WA, to fix this issue. Ignoring it for too long could result in a complete breakdown of your heat pump.

Paired with Gas Furnace

In regions where the temperature falls below freezing, using your heat pump in tandem with a gas furnace may be a good idea. This allows you to have a double fuel source and a reliable heat source that won’t give up easily. Most heat pumps start losing efficiency when the temperature drops suddenly, but a gas furnace can help you deal with extreme weather.

However, if you’re planning a heat pump installation in Vancouver, WA, you won’t need to pair it with a gas furnace as it isn’t freezing cold in this region.

How To Get The Most From Your Heating Pump This Winter

Make Things Programmable

It can be tedious going back and forth from the thermostat to get it to the right temperature. But getting a programmable thermostat installed means that you can leave it at a preset temperature, and the heat pump will do the rest. So, do a good amount of research before investing in an HVAC in Vancouver, WA, to make an informed decision.

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Inspect The Filter

The filter in a heat pump stops any dirt or other substances from entering the house. Therefore, a dirty heat pump could lead to poor quality air in the house. Furthermore, a dirty filter leads to blockage, which in turn results in poor airflow. Ensure to inspect the filters before the onset of the winters to ensure that they are clean and won’t impact the performance of your heat pump when you need it the most.

Ask your local HVAC contractor in Vancouver, WA, about the best practices to get the best out of your heat pumps.

Schedule A Tuning

Regular upkeep and maintenance are vital to getting the best performance from the heat pump during the winters. So, even if your heat pump is performing well, hire an HVAC service in Vancouver to get help with its tuning. This tuning will help you clean out filters, clear debris in the fan, inspect for any breaks or leakage in the system, and repair them ahead of time.

Most heat pumps get neglected and are left without repairs for prolonged periods. Unfortunately, this results in them breaking down, forcing you to spend a lot of money on urgent repairs or call for a new heat pump installation in Vancouver, WA, all over again.

Prepare Your Home

A significant contributor to the inefficiency of heat pumps can also be the house. If there are gaps in the windows and doors, it will drastically affect the house’s heat. Furthermore, insulation needs to be on par if you want the heat to stay longer. Homeowners can also recondition their ceiling fans to run clockwise to push hot air downwards for better heat circulation.

The way you prepare your house is directly proportional to the efficiency your heat pump will output. Failure to prepare your home will result in you opting for other different heating appliances, which can run up your energy bills.


By preparing your heat pump or HVAC in Vancouver for the winters, you can enjoy the warm environment in your household without unreasonable energy bills. Failure to prepare can lead to health hazards in the house and turn into an inconvenience for you.

If you are looking for an HVAC contractor in Vancouver, getting everything done in the fall and spring seasons is advised to avoid any inconvenience due to the weather.

If you are looking for a professional HVAC service in Vancouver, WA, Miller’s Heating is the best option for you. We offer all types of HVAC services, from maintenance to repair in the Vancouver region. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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