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indoor air quality, air scrubber, increase indoor air quality, HEPA filters for furnaces

Most Americans spend a significant amount of their time indoors. This includes home, offices, schools, shopping and more. Breathing quality indoor air is important not only for comfort, but also for health. Indoor air quality can be improved with good filtration and with air scrubbers.

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Filters work by removing air particulates such as pollens, microbes, germs and dust. They work by mechanically filtering the air. They can range in efficiency from simple furnace filters to more high efficiency HEPA filters. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. HEPA filters are good at removing smaller particulates than standard furnace filters.

Many filters have a MERV rating. This stands for Minimum Efficiency Rating Value and ratings range from 1 the lowest filtering efficiency to 20 the highest filtering efficiency. Generally high MERV rated filters will do a better job of removing smaller particulates.

Ionic air cleaners use electronically charged plates. Here air passes through an ionizing section where particles receive an electrical charge. They are then attracted to the charged plates and removed from the air. This works in a similar way that iron filings are attracted to a magnet.

Air Scrubbers such as the The Protector work to kill germs on surfaces in your home like doorknobs, toilets, and counters. They improve indoor air quality by reducing odors smoke, pets, food, construction, paint, glue, chemicals, and new carpet.

This technology used in the air scrubber was tested at the University of Kansas and the University of Cincinnati and showed that the air scrubber reduced 99% of surface micro-organisms and 90% of airborne micro-organisms many of which cause respiratory issues and allergies.

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