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Local AC Repair Services

Miller’s Heating & Air Can Provide Local AC Repair in Vancouver, Washington

As spring swiftly rolls into summer, many homeowners are looking to turn on their air conditioners for the first time. Air conditioners are essential to beat the heat and lower indoor humidity, which can be critical for people with certain health conditions. AC in Vancouver, WA just makes life more comfortable! So what do you do when you turn on the AC and it doesn’t work?

In this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot common air conditioner issues, how to recognize signs that your AC needs repair, and why it’s best to seek local help when you need AC repair services. The experts at Miller’s Heating & Air are here for all your air conditioner questions!

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

When you turn your air conditioner on for the first time and it only blows out warm air, that is a very obvious and common sign that your AC unit needs repair. Here are some other signs that your air conditioner needs repair:

  • Hot spots throughout the house
  • Water leaking from unit
  • High-pitched squealing or whistling noise
  • Thumping or grating sound
  • Foul smelling or dirty air

If you suspect your air conditioner needs repair and you need AC service in North Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA, call Miller’s Heating & Air.

Trouble Shooting Common AC Issues

Troubleshooting Common AC Issues

When the air conditioner isn’t working and you need AC repair in Vancouver, WA, it’s best to call a professional HVAC company like Miller’s Heating & Air. Their technicians have the training and experience to accurately diagnose and repair any air conditioner issues.

Still, it might be a good idea to be aware of some common AC issues, such as these:

  • Low refrigerant levels: Refrigerant removes heat from the inside air and transfers it to the outside. If the refrigerant levels are low, the AC will not be able to cool the air.
  • Dirty evaporator coils: The evaporator coil is where the heat transfer takes place. If the coil is dirty, that coating of dirt and debris acts as an insulator and prevents the air from being cooled.
  • Clogged condensate drain: Condensation is a natural byproduct of the cooling process. Normally the condensation drains away from the AC unit through a small tube. If that tube becomes clogged, the condensation can back up, causing damage to the AC unit.
  • Malfunctioning thermostat: When the central air doesn’t turn on and off when it’s supposed to, the thermostat could be to blame. The thermostat sends an electrical impulse to activate the AC unit. If that connection is broken or the thermometer is wrong, the AC may seem like it’s not working.
  • Clogged filter: Air conditioners have filters to keep dirt and debris out of the air. When the filter becomes clogged, the AC has to work much harder to force air through. This causes undue stress on the motor.

Although air conditioner problems are very common, most AC issues require professional intervention. Attempting a DIY repair could result in even more costly repairs down the road. Trust Miller’s Heating & Air for professional, prompt AC repair in Vancouver, WA.

Why Local AC Repair Services Are Best

Most homeowners use the internet to search for professional help with air conditioner problems, but the number of companies who offer these services can be overwhelming. When looking for AC service in Vancouver, WA or AC service in North Portland, OR, the best thing to do is choose a local company.

Local AC repair services are best for three reasons:

  1. Local technicians understand your area’s climate. The weather in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR can vary greatly from day to day. Believe it or not, the weather can affect your home’s HVAC system. Local HVAC technicians can anticipate the area’s fickle weather changes and understand how it will affect the HVAC system.
  2. Supporting a local company supports your community. National companies that work all over the country don’t give back to your community. A company that is locally owned provides paychecks to your hardworking neighbors, and usually is first in line to support local charities, organizations, and improvement efforts.
  3. Local companies provide prompt service and guaranteed work. HVAC companies that are close to home can respond much quicker to service calls, sometimes even same-day! Smaller, local companies also back up their work with warranties and customer satisfaction guarantees, which national chains don’t always offer. The best customer service comes from your local HVAC technician.

Get The Miller’s Heating Advantage!

Looking for a local company to service your AC in Vancouver, WA? Look no further than Miller’s Heating & Air. In business for over 70 years, their technicians have experience with air conditioner maintenance and repair, AC installation, heater repair, duct cleaning, and more. Call Miller’s Heating & Air today, and find out why they are top-rated for AC service in Vancouver, WA.

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