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Make Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Warm Summers

Summers are undeniably the hottest time of the year. Scorching heatwaves, rains, sweltering humidity, and blistering discomfort are just a few worst things that linger in mind as summers approach.

Since we can’t control the weather, the only thing to do is maintain a comfortable temperature inside our homes, offices, and other spaces. And, for that, they need summer-ready cooling systems. Even if they have one, they would need to prepare and maintain it for instant cooling as soon as summers hit the corner.

Vancouver summers can be downright cruel. Most people can’t even stand the idea of going out or staying indoors without an air conditioner. However, the constant heat and hot, humid air can cause an HVAC or air conditioning system to break down, especially if it’s not being looked after properly.

That is why it is important to get your Vancouver air conditioner maintenance done on time and ensure it’s summer-ready before it gets too hot to do anything about it. Not only does this ensure that your air conditioner will be in perfect working condition, but you won’t have to spend exorbitant sums of money on inexperienced technicians because they are the only ones willing to work at the last minute.

Still not convinced? Here are a few more reasons why it’s good to get the AC serviced before winter’s end.

Get The AC Repaired

3 Reason Why You Should Get The AC Repaired Before Summers

Many people believe that regular servicing and upkeep of their ACs is a waste of time. But, as a rule of thumb, almost all AC companies recommend that users get their system serviced once a year.

So, even if you forgot all about it through the extreme winters of Vancouver, make sure you schedule a Vancouver air conditioner maintenance asap after such a long winter break. Here are some practical and technical reasons for that:

1. Efficient Performance

Machines are prone to shutting down, and they are kept closed for extended periods. The internal parts and mechanisms also become weak and may break down without regular services.

Besides, after a long break of 4 to 6 months, they need deep cleansing and servicing.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to hire professionals from your local AC company for thorough maintenance. They provide a deep cleanse and technical servicing and replace the necessary parts at an affordable rate.

2. Cleaner Air

Regular maintenance or servicing of an AC after a long break like winters helps remove dirt build-ups, blockages, and damages inside or outside units.

Thus, periodic servicing by a professional from a Portland AC company ensures the smooth functioning of air conditioning systems. The technicians target the potentially damaging issues before the system cause any inconvenience to the people.

3. Affordable Maintenance

If people ensure proper maintenance and upkeep of their air conditioning systems, they can easily avoid further damage, shutdowns, and increased service costs. Also, with appropriate care, AC units can last longer than expected.

Therefore, you must get the AC inspected by professional technicians as soon as you notice any signs of trouble. It’s important to resolve these minor issues before they threaten the health, vitality, and comfort of your loved ones.

Professional AC Maintenance

Professional AC Maintenance – What’s Involved?

Now, let us understand the entire process of servicing the air conditioner and why professional services are beneficial. Professionals perform the steps mentioned below, don’t DIY them.

1. AC Filter Replacement

Filters are an essential part of an air conditioning system. The unit takes in and blows out air, and the air carries dirt particles in it that never make it into your air because of these filters

If your AC has been working non-stop, experts recommend replacing the filters every month to a year depending on filter type and conditions in the home. And if you’ve just fired up the equipment after the winter break, an entire replacement is in order.

2. Condenser Coil Service

The condenser coil allows the air to flow between the inner and outer units of an air conditioner. These coils are present in the outer unit and are covered with grills and fans.

When not in use, condenser coils can end up with dirt and oil build-up. This can lead to permanent damage to the outer unit, affecting its performance significantly. AC companies recommend regular professional cleanups, especially before summer.

3. Cleaning The Scrap From The Condenser

Since the Condenser is the central functioning of an AC, it needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure perfect working. If not, then the stuck-up dirt, scrap, and gunk can damage the unit, compromise its functioning.

You’ll need professional help to do this right.

4. Examine All Lines And Connections

Inspecting an appliance or its internal parts is not something that people can do on their own. It requires skills and training to explore the lines of an AC, as they are very fragile. Also, cleaning and repairing the pipes with care and precision is one of the most critical tasks on the servicing checklist.

If a single thing goes wrong, the lines will be damaged permanently, and the AC would require new line fixtures. Dealing with these intricacies of an air conditioning system with any training only leads to an increased service cost. Thus, people should always leave these technicalities to professionals.

5. Testing the Unit and Resolving the Issues

After covering all the steps and completing the required servicing, the ACs need a running check to examine the units – whether they are working or not.

The air conditioner repairing services check the system carefully before and after turning on the AC. After a few minutes, they decide if the air conditioner is working smoothly or the issues persist. In case of enduring problems, your AC technician will do whatever they can to make the AC ready-to-use for the summertime.

Key Take Away

Like every other appliance, air conditioners also require regular maintenance, servicing, and upkeep by trained technicians. This ensures the smooth functioning of the system and maintains the much-needed cool in Vancouver heat.

If you can’t stand the idea of living in an oven-like home, it’s time to schedule AC maintenance with a reliable and professional AC technician.

Want to save cost and prepare your AC for the summertime? Don’t wait to get your AC serviced!

If you are a Vancouver resident, it is time for you to get schedule a Vancouver air conditioner maintenance before it stops working or starts malfunctioning in the hot summer weather.

Get it fixed with our 24/7 emergency repair service. Call our Vancouver office today (360) 524- 2880 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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