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Indoor Air Quality

Vancouver, Washington. Aug. 17, 2021 (For immediate release)

One of the challenges confronting America (and the world) in recent times is, of course, COVID19.

In the year-and-half since the pandemic started sweeping the globe, it’s been responsible for more than 34.6 million reported cases of infection in the U.S. Sadly, more than 600,000 Americans have died from the easily transmitted virus. Now, the Delta Variant has case numbers climbing again.

On the Homefront

Locally, since the pandemic began, as of this date Multnomah County (Portland) has reported some 43,000 cases and more than 600 deaths. On the Washington side of the Columbia, in Clark County (Vancouver area), official case numbers are at around  28,500, with some 300 deaths.

 The Reassuring News

As dower as these statistics seem, there are prudent ways, as science and medical experts frequently confirm, that  we can protect ourselves and loved ones, for however long this crisis persists. The standbys when in public, of course, include the familiar social distancing, mask-wearing and prudent hand-washing.  All help to combat infection.

But the great news for homeowners, now that we all have to spend more time isolated as a family, is at least one respected advance in home air-quality not only helps purify indoor air (which the EPA says can be up to 100 times more harmful than outdoor air), it has also been validated to specifically combat COVID 19 particles in the air and on surfaces.

Why We Call It The “The Protector

In keeping with staying up with the latest home-air innovations, Miller’s, in business for 74 years, has  in the past several years been marketing and installing our remarkable The Protector Air Purification System, made to protect, clean, disinfect, and sterilize your furnace, the air you breathe, and the surfaces in your home. This innovative product has been making a demonstrable difference in the healthful, safe breathability of in-door air for many of our most conscientious Northwest customers.

millers protector

But, did you know,  that as of October 2020, this leading-edge product (also called “Reme Halo” in other parts of the country) has been scientifically proven to protect against COVID  19 in the home?

In an independent , third-party study at the innovative Bioanalysis Laboratories in Cypress, Calif., by Dr, James Marsden, Executive Director of Science and Technology of RGF, (maker of more than  500, chemical-fee environmental products) it showed The Protector to inactivate the SARS-Covid2 Virus (commonly known as COVID-19) by 999.9%.

“We hear frequently from clients how much  they appreciate that the air in their homes is fresher, easier to breath and more comforting since they got The Protector installed,” said David Adams, Owner of Miller’s Heating & Air. “But what really cinches it for us, as heating and air professionals, is to have rigorous, third-party science that shows proof of reducing harmful elements in the home, particularly for COVID 19. Our clients want the best for their families and we pride ourselves on providing that,” added Adams. It’s in the Miller’s tradition to deliver the best, most healthful home air quality possible.”

Air Purifier System

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