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Furnace Filter, Aprilaire Filter and more Vancouver, WA – Portland

Furnace Filter Replacement

Regularly changing your furnace filter can save you thousands of dollars. One common mistake among homeowners is not changing the filter as often as required. If you do not frequently change your furnace filter your filter will become clogged and dirty. Once dirt starts to pile up it is harder for air to pass through the filter. With the restriction of airflow your equipment has to work harder to sustain normal airflow levels.

This results in unnecessary strain on your equipment and causes parts to wear out faster. When parts wear down faster, they break down sooner and then have to be replaced more frequently. Furnace repairs can cost thousands of dollars and no one likes being surprised with a bill like that.

Another common mistake among homeowners is to simply remove the filter altogether. If you decide to take out your filter and let your system run without one, a layer of dirt will cover your the inside components of your furnace. With the presence of dirt, parts will wear out and ultimately breakdown. With breakdowns come repairs and with repairs less money in your pocket.

Do your furnace and yourself a favor and regularly replace your filter. If have a filter that can be cleaner make sure you clean it.

What kind of furnace filter options do you have?

The most common type of filter is a pleated filter. A common brand of pleated filters is an Aprilaire filter. These are a cloth-paper-like substance that are folded into pleats in order to create a surface area in which particles can be captured. Furnace filters are measured by MERV and are differentiated by sizes. MERV stands for minimum efficiency reporting value.

The higher the MERV rating the better the filter. For example, a MERV 16 captures more particles than a MERV 8. Another common filter option is an electronic filter. This filter is metal and uses electricity to charge particles in order to clump together.

How Long Do Furnace Filters Last?

The life of your filter will vary from home to home due to the increased or decreased amount of pollutants, particles, dust in your home. For example, a home with no pets will get more life out of their filter compared to a home with five indoor pets, all else equal.

5-inch MERV 16 filters should be replaced annually, 5-inch MERV 10/11 filters should be replaced semi-annually, 4-inch MERV 8 filters should be replaced quarterly and 1-inch MERV 8 filters should be replaced monthly.

Pleated Furnace Filter Sizes We Stock

  • MERV 16
    • 16x25x5
    • 20x20x5
    • 20x25x5
  • MERV 10/11
    • 16x20x5
    • 16x25x5
    • 20x20x5
    • 20x25x5
  • MERV 8
    • 16x20x4
    • 16x25x4
    • 20x20x4
    • 20x25x4
    • 16x20x1
    • 16x25x1
    • 20x20x1
    • 20x25x1

Furnace Filters Vancouver WA

If you are not sure what size filter you have you can check the label on your current filter. Although we may not stock all furnace filter or aprilaire filter sized we have access to just about any filter available. If you need a new filter give us a call (360) 524-2880 to order one or a whole case.

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