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Today we are all about using renewable energy and recycling what nature gives us. With a solar heat pump you have the opportunity to bring renewable energy into your home. Solar heat pumps utilize energy produced by the sun and captured by panels mounted on your roof or on your property. Depending on how much you utilize your HVAC system and how many solar panels you have installed you could power your system completely on solar energy. In addition, any excess power your solar panels produce would be sent to your utility company and you would be sent a bill credit or a check every month. Solar systems allow you to save money and use a renewable energy source.

Solar Cooling / Solar Heating Vancouver WA

Don’t need a new heat pump but are still interested in utilizing solar energy? You can still install solar panels and get large rebates on your utility bill every month.

Call us to schedule a free solar heating or solar air conditioning consultation, our comfort adviser will calculate the estimated investment you can expect and also the expected time it will take for your energy savings to outweigh the investment of your solar system.

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