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Top Reasons to Have a Professional Install Your HVAC Unit

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You may think that you are saving money by doing the HVAC repair or installation yourself, but there is a very distinct possibility that you could make the problem worse, leading to costly and avoidable repairs. If you hire a professional HVAC contractor, the HVAC repair or installation will likely be done right away. Also, if they do make a mistake, you can be assured they will come back fix it without charging extra.

Remember that you are dealing with highly pressurized metal pipes, extreme heat, and combustible fuel.  Just one wrong move and you can be looking at a gas leak in your home or worse.  The safest method is to let a qualified HVAC repair contractor do this technical and dangerous work.  This is why there are professionals out there to help. It keeps the average homeowner safe.

HVAC units are not simple appliances that you just plug into a wall socket.  They are directly wired to the main electrical system of your home. You need to know how to turn off the main power source of the house and which wires to cut so that you don’t run the risk of burning down your home because of a shorted out circuit.


Removing the old HVAC unit will require some cutting and grinding down of some metal pieces.  A professional HVAC contractor has all the necessary tools needed to do this job right. Replacing the unit with a new one also needs to be done correctly; the wiring needs to be done properly so that the unit will run effectively. They will also remove your old unit and make sure it is recycled properly.

The ducts that let the air circulate throughout your home may need repair or replacement as well.  Duct seal and repair, in order to be done right, may require plenty of sheet-metal work. 

An HVAC installation professional will have all the tools and equipment necessary to do the job. Most homeowners do not have the required equipment readily available to them. For example, hand seamers, drive benders, and sheet metal crimpers are not part of the average toolbox.

Your HVAC repair or installation project must comply with any state and local codes. A qualified heating and cooling contractor will understand these rules, and they will make code compliance a priority.

HVAC unit

A proper installation can guarantee better performance and lower running costs. If your central HVAC unit is installed by a professional, you can expect it to work optimally. They will also advise you on the best unit for your space. Based on your needs, you will be provided valuable advice on the best option to meet your needs and budget.

Equipment carries a manufacturer’s warranty in most cases. A legitimate HVAC service provider will present that guarantee in writing. In addition, the HVAC service company should offer a guarantee on any work performed, in addition to providing proof of insurance in case any damage occurs during the installation or repair.

These are just some of the many reasons why you should leave furnace installation to an experienced HVAC contractor. They are trained to do the work properly and without wasting time and materials. By hiring professionals to do the work you will actually save more money and have more peace of mind.


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