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Protecting family health

The Coronavirus has put everybody through a lot of changes, at work, school, and even in the privacy of our own homes in 2020. It’s a year most of us will never forget. Whether you or anyone in your family has contracted the virus so far, everybody has their own story to tell about how the crisis has affected them. Home indoor air and how it impacts your family has never been more important.

Can You Say Home Sweet Home?
home indoor air and health

For one thing, we’ve almost all stayed at home more than ever. We at Miller’s Heating and Air, in business for nearly 75 years in Southwest Washington and Northeast Portland, can tell you the frightening respiratory-health threat COVID-19 poses has made our neighbors and customers much more concerned about their home air-quality. And if you’ve been surfing the Web, watching TV, or reading the paper, you may have also seen news reports on the increased importance of home-air quality whenever there’s the threat of contacting a respiratory illness.

Because this is true, we wanted to offer a simple guide to what you must know about better air-quality. (This information has been synopsized from trusted media, governmental agencies, HVAC professional groups, and Miller’s decades of delivering excellent air-quality to Northwest families for decades).

  1. Why Are We More at Risk at Home During the Pandemic?

Covid 19 Testing

The New York Times reported poor home indoor-air-quality is dangerous during viruses  because: “…it can impair occupant’s breathing to the point of posing a potential higher risk of catching CV-19 and having a more severe infection. (The paper also said poor air-quality at home can also make respiratory illnesses like asthma worse.

The Times went on to quote an American Lung Association spokesperson who said indoor air can sometimes be worse than outdoor air when people stay at home more. She added it may even increase the possibility of infection.

  1. What Kinds of Home Conditions Pose the Most Risk?

home indoor air and health

The Times listed common indoor air problems you should consider eliminating (we concur). Be on the lookout for such no-no’s as:

  • Mold
  • Air leaks
  • Venting flaws
  • Faulty filters
  1. Who is Most at Risk at Home?

home indoor air and health

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America, which writes standards for U.S. indoor-environment systems identified home occupants who may need special in-door-air considerations:

  • Infants to 16-years-old
  • Adults, age 60+
  • Pregnant women
  • Persons with chronic respiratory disorders, or recovering from surgery or illness
  • Pet owners with – dogs, cats, and birds

4. Don’t Worry There’s Plenty You (and We) Can Do

home indoor air

These are some of the major checklists to consider for having confidence your indoor air is healthful, particularly during crisis. The good news is, Miller’s wants to assure you, there are prudent and safe things you can do, working with trained HVAC professionals to protect your health at home, with outstanding indoor-air quality.

In our next blog, we’ll will show you solutions that can tailor to your needs, including  cutting-edge new technologies such as the Aeroseal Duct Sealing System (increasing healthy air system-wide) and The Protector Air Purifier system (with NASA air-scrubbing technology).The Protector was also tested and approved by the Chinese government against the SARS virus. Both systems:

  • Reduce bacteria dramatically
  • Yield giant effectiveness gains
  • And produce long-term savings

In our next blog, we’ll show you details about these state-of-the-art, solutions that better protect families and their home systems, extending years of reliable service.

Distance-Sensitive & Touchless Service

Safety Gloves

Finally, we’ll show you the “Distancing-sensitive,” Miller’s touchless-team: veteran  professionals who can recommend and deliver solutions for a “breathe-easy” sense of security for your specific challenge.

So, be assured everyone at home can be breathing easier. Check out our next blog, with more specific details about the astounding new solutions that are available to you help you and your family members breathe easier at home. And please feel free to contact us at any time through the link below, or by calling the appropriate phone numbers listed on this page.

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