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As summer rapidly approaches so does air conditioning season. Most months in the Northwest don’t require too much AC. We are fortunate enough to have a mild climate up here in both Washington and Oregon. However, during a couple months of the year air conditioning can be a huge relief. Air conditioning is a great benefit to any home in the Northwest. Although it can be expensive to run all the time. Today we are going to cover five helpful tips to keep your energy bill low this summer.

1) Replace your filter. Clogged filters can greatly decrease the efficiency of air conditioners. A dirty filter for a heating and air conditioning system could be compared to a person trying to breath through a paper towel. It is possible, but requires a lot more energy. So get that paper towel off your face and replace your furnace filter!

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2) Turn up that thermostat. Simply turning up your thermostat a few degrees can greatly reduce your energy bill. If you can survive with your thermostat set at 78 degrees or higher, you can save money by using your air conditioning less. This tip might seem obvious however it is often overlooked.

3) Open your windows. If you are able, it is a good idea to open all of your windows at the coolest times of the day. The coolest times are usually early in the morning and late at night. This will help to circulate the cool outdoor air and bring it into your home. Be sure to close your windows once it starts to heat up.

4) Use your blinds, drapes, and curtains to your advantage. Similar to windows, you can use your blinds, drapes, and curtains to keep your energy bill low. Make sure you close your blinds that are facing the sun. It may also benefit your home to purchase vinyl or bamboo blinds for the outside of your home. Heat can get stuck in between your window and your blinds and eventually heat up the home. Vinyl and bamboo blinds on the outside of your home help deny heat transfer from the sun to your home.

5) Replace your bulbs. Standard light bulbs put out a lot of heat. They should be thought of as mini space heaters. It is a good idea to replace these old bulbs with bulbs that operate at lower temperatures like fluorescent lights.

6) Clean your ductwork. Keep your system running efficiently by scheduling a heating cooling duct cleaning. It is recommended that you clean your ductwork every 7 years.

7) Replace your cooling unit. If your AC or Heat Pump is older than 15 years old, it may be time to consider replacing it. Newer units are much more energy efficient and will lower your utility bill. We offer free estimates on new equipment. Make sure to ask about utility and manufacturer rebates that are available.

Keep an eye out for more ways to save on your energy bill here at the Miller heating and cooling blog.

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We have compiled a list of ways you can save money on your energy bills this summer while still enjoying your air conditioning. #AC #energybills #savings #HVAC @millersheatingair

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