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Sealing Ducts in Vancouver City Homes

Leaking Ductwork: A Major Problem That’s Often Overlooked In Residential Buildings.

Most homeowners understand the importance of getting their HVAC systems repaired by professional technicians to ensure adequate home cooling or heating. But they often ignore the fact that ducts are also a significant part of their heating or cooling system.

Leaking ducts make HVACs inefficient at maintaining a constant temperature in all rooms. Also, it makes the heater or air conditioner work more than usual, which leads to higher depreciation on your equipment and more accumulated dust in homes.

The HVAC systems are becoming robust every day, with heavy-duty appliances coming to the market. But what hasn’t changed is the ductwork and the material used to make it. Most ducts are made out of metal sheets and some from plastic or fiberglass tubing.

These materials are used for the ductwork because they are flexible enough to negate the need for separate joints. Also, the bendability allows easy expansion of the ductwork throughout entire buildings. Modern duct products are more reliable than ever and can easily be replaced throughout entire buildings to promote better ventilation.

However, heating and cooling HVACs both require different materials. But using the same ducts for both purposes also deteriorated the material over time, as heating requires metal while cooling can work with both materials.

As the material deteriorates, the ductworks start leaking. According to a report, a leaking duct increases the energy usage of a heating or cooling system by 30%, spreading around 30-40% of the air and compromising the indoor air quality of homes and buildings. In addition, the leaked air travels to the walls, attic, floors, causes damage and deteriorates the building’s foundations. This is why the regulatory authority included ductwork sealing as a must in the building code back in 2012 to reduce energy wastage the damage caused to buildings.

3rd party efficiency graphs
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Vancouver Duct Sealing

Going back in time, ducts were not as complicated as they are today. There used to be simple duct tapes or cotton duck cloth used while installing ducts for sealing them. This would retain the ventilating warm or cold air without compromising the air quality of the indoor spaces or mount up any dust in homes.

In contrast, today, numerous duct sealing methods are available on the market for instant and professional use. Some commonly used methods include rolled mastic sealants, spray sealants, brush-on sealants, and more that professionals can suggest only. These sealants are applied on the exterior of the ductwork wherever there is a leak.

Understanding the needs and demand of ductwork repairing and sealing, Miller’s Heating & Air established an entire arrangement for HVAC systems. They offer a plethora of services to facilitate people with efficient cooling systems and the work that follows. They understood the need for 360-degree attention to set up and maintain an HVAC system, including the ductwork. Thus, their services exclusively included Vancouver duct sealing, cleaning, and repairing.

Sealing Ducts in Vancouver Homes
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Manually Sealing The Duct The Old-Fashioned Way

Established in 1947, Miller’s Heating & Air has been in the ductwork industry for over 74 years. They have been repairing and sealing the duct the old-fashioned way through duct tapes, cotton duct cloth, and so much more. Since the sealing was conventional and there was no other way to seal the leaking ducts, it worked well.

However, the older methods always offered a limited amount of repairing, as humans physically can’t get in depths or heights. Considering the HVAC systems are giant now, and the entire buildings run on a single ductwork ventilating space as a whole, the task has become more complex than ever.

A larger duct means more damage and more leakage, which requires even more repairing and sealing. Older methods are efficient in closing the vents from the outer side; it requires more effort to fix the inside walls, inside floors, and the ceilings, which are not accessible for humans.

Modern & Automated Duct Sealing Changing the Game

Since traditional duct sealing methods don’t work with modern vents, Miller’s Heating & Air came up with a modern approach. The Aeroseal Automated Duct Sealing method seals all the leakages of the ducts from the inside.

AEROSEAL Duct Sealing System was developed in the 1990s. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it is one of the most efficient, financially productive, and energy-efficient duct sealing systems for homes and buildings. It makes the most effective improvements for homes one can make.

Home Seal Connect Machine

The Working of A Modern Duct Sealing System: How Aeroseal works

Before the duct sealing process is undertaken, Miller’s Heating & Air performs a baseline pressure test to inspect the amount of air leakage they have to plug. The results pinpoint the rate of air leaking through your ductwork.

They analyze the entire situation and then certify you for an effective duct seal. This step ensures maximum quality and efficient results.

The 6-step Aeroseal process uses ultra-modern technology to seal the ducts from inside. It evenly distributes a heated, 10 micron, non-toxic polymer throughout the duct system. The sealant is injected through the vent for a good one hour. Then, the aerosol particles are suspended for one hour, and the duct is continuously exposed to air.

The air flowing through the ducts and makes sharp turns to flow out of the leakage. The particles floating and colliding with the air adhere to the leakages and seal them. Heated and pressurized polymer is blown through the duct system, and it attaches to all the openings in the duct.

As the polymer quickly collects and builds on itself, it dries rapidly. Thus, it seals the ducts effectively and immediately.

Sealing Ducts in Vancouver Homes
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Enjoy Better Home Cooling & Heating With Aeroseal

Aeroseal uses extremely lightweight polymer to seal the leakages. Hence, it improved 85% of the duct tightness and better flow instantly (on average). Furthermore, once the ducts are correctly seated with the automated system, the seals improve the heating and cooling capacity by 25% (on average).

The process is entirely automated and runs through computer software. Once the process is completed, you get a “Certificate of Completion,” which verifies and documents the improvements and the final results.

It helps people fix inconsistent temperatures and low airflow in their homes while ensuring a healthy and hygienic environment. Above all, it significantly reduces the energy consumption of the HVAC systems, making homes and buildings pleasantly healthy, cozy, and comfortable for all weathers.

Certificate of Completion

What Our Customers Say About AEROSEAL

“We never knew the right flow of air our vent should be throwing before opting for AEROSEAL. Once we got our ducts sealed professionally, we were amazed by the flow of air and the improved ventilation in our home. We always thought that our furnace had some issue, even though it was new. However, The AEROSEAL really made a huge difference for us. If not guided by Miller’s Heating & Air at the right time, we would have wasted more money on our perfectly working furnace. After the duct sealing, our home now feels more comfortable than ever.”

Cindy P.

“Ever since we got our ducts repaired and sealed, our home feels more comfortable. The duct seal has significantly reduced our electricity bills by 30%. We also saw a massive difference in the temperature of our rooms. Now we get the comfort of both hot and cool air according to the weather outside.

Dave F.

“My boys were getting extreme allergies, even when they weren’t going outside. I never knew that a leaking duct might be bringing in dust particles and causing these allergies. However, after consulting with the Miller’s Heating & Air’s technician, we got the AEROSEAL for leaking ducts. Now, I see an apparent difference in our home environment, and my boys’ allergies have started to go away. Also, we noticed that the dust in our home has also disappeared after getting the ducts sealed with AEROSOL. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Not to mention the energy savings we’re seeing.”


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