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Time for Summer Prep With HVAC Maintenance Vancouver WA

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Summer is just around the corner which means the heat is coming. Before the hot weather hits make sure to check your air conditioner and heat pump to make sure it is running correctly and efficiently because the extreme weather will tax your system more than usual and cause issues if your system has any maintenance and repairs need to be made. It is time for HVAC Maintenance Vancouver WA. Every year countless customers call us during the middle of summer with a system that is no longer cooling their house because they did not perform their annual maintenance or any repairs that needed to be done on their HVAC units. Sometimes the stress on your system during these months can cause a minor issue to turn into a full system failure and require a whole new unit.

HVAC Maintenance Vancouver WA

To be fully prepared for summer consider the following HVAC Maintenance Vancouver WA:

o   Don’t wait till the heat hits to check if your system is working. Turn on your system and make sure your systems cooling function is working.

o   Schedule your annual maintenance to ensure that your system is running at full potential and efficiency.

o   If you are looking to add an air conditioner to your system do it in the spring. If you wait till summer prices will not be as favorable and you will probably have to wait at least a few days and up to a couple weeks to have a unit installed. Summer is the busy season for the heating and cooling industry in the northwest and everyone has more jobs than they can handle so make sure you are ready to go before the rush.

o   Get your repairs done now. Getting parts or getting a technician to your home during the summer is not going to be as fast or as easy as any other time of year. Repair parts can be backordered or out of stock and technicians usually have a full schedule of customers that are having the same issues you are with your system.

o   Turn on your air conditioner once a month to keep it in good condition. Don’t let your AC sit idle for 8 months during the fall/winter/spring, and then turn it on when the first heat hits which puts more than normal stress on any system. Needless to say, this can cause problems and repairs in the future. It’s like letting your vehicle sit in the garage for 8 months and then expecting it to immediately fire up and run flawlessly in a drag race.

o   Finally, understand that your heat pump becomes less efficient on temperatures below 25 degrees and above 90 degrees. This means that even though you set your thermostat to 70 degrees when its 100 degrees outside, your indoor temperature will be closer to 80 degrees because your heat pump will be running at full speed non-stop and still not measure up to that standard.

Do you need to schedule a HVAC Maintenance Vancouver WA? Give us a call today! Miller’s Heating & Air is your local hvac vancouver wa experts. We have eight technicians on staff ready to help you with your heating and cooling needs.

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