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There are tricks to save money on your AC this summer such as (1) an annual AC and cooling maintenance and (2) set your thermostat on a schedule. We outline all 6 tricks below: 1. Use your blinds and curtains During the day, lower your blinds and/or pull your curtains. It is best to use blinds and curtains that are […]
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Summer is just around the corner, which means it is time for your springtime maintenance of your heating and cooling systems. Here are our top 7 summer HVAC tips for preparing your HVAC system for the warm weather: 1. Once a month turn on your air conditioner and/or heat pump Doing this will keep it in good condition and make […]
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It’s important to cool your home this summer. However, you don’t want to pay high utility bills either. Luckily there are easy adjustments you can make, apart from your annual cooling maintenance vancouver, which will save you money. Read our top tips on how your Ac or heat pump can cool your home while also keeping your bills manageable. 1.Adjust […]
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