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indoor air quality

Heat pumps are a great heating and cooling solution for homes located in moderate climates such as Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR. They are unique because they can both heat and cool a home through environmentally friendly means. In this article, we will be discussing the most common type of heat pumps, which are ducted air source heat pumps. There […]
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Did you know that the air in your home circulates through your HVAC system 5-7 times a day? If your duct work is filled with mold, fungi, dust and/or other contaminants, then all that dirt, grime and bacteria is also circulated through your home 5-7 times a day. In fact studies have shown that indoor air can be up to […]
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Clean air is essential to a healthy home. This is sometimes referred to as indoor air quality. Airborne bacteria and microbes attribute to colds and flu as well as allergies to pollen and dust. Clean, fresh air also helps cleanse our bodies and helps us stay more focused and energized. NASA and IAQ NASA knows the value of clean air […]
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  Most Americans spend a significant amount of their time indoors. This includes home, offices, schools, shopping and more. Breathing quality indoor air is important not only for comfort, but also for health. Indoor air quality can be improved with good filtration and with air scrubbers. Filters work by removing air particulates such as pollens, microbes, germs and dust. They […]
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