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The Benefits Of Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Improve air quality, increase comfort, and save energy with Aeroseal Duct Sealing in Vancouver, WA with Miller’s Heating & Air.

Heating and air systems are vital to modern homes. For many HVAC systems, ductwork is essential to the delivery of hot or cold air throughout the home. Ductwork plays an important role in comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency.

Because ductwork is key to the HVAC system, it’s important for it to be properly maintained. One way to protect and extend the life of your ducts is to have them sealed. A product like Aeroseal, which is available from Miller’s Heating & Air, can improve air quality, increase comfort, help you save money on energy bills, and more.

5 Signs of Leaky Ductwork

Because ducts are installed behind walls and under the floor, homeowners often have no idea what shape their ductwork is in. How will you know if your ductwork has deteriorated? Here are the top five signs of leaky HVAC ducts:

  1. Dirty, dusty air: Leaky ducts draw in air from attics, crawlspaces, between the walls, and under the floor. Often, those areas are dirty, and all that dust will be circulated throughout your home because of leaky ductwork.
  2. Cold or hot spots: If there are certain rooms in your home that are not the correct temperature, it may be because of leaky ducts. Cracks in the ductwork system will result in air loss, and may even draw in untreated air from outside the system.
  3. Frequent or prolonged HVAC power cycles: If your furnace or air conditioner turns on and off frequently, or stays on for too long, it’s a sign that the system is struggling to get your home to the correct temperature. This could be because of air loss due to leaky ducts.
  4. High utility bills: The air loss caused by leaky ducts can cause a spike in electric and fuel bills.
  5. Age of ductwork: The average lifespan of residential sheet metal ductwork is only 10 to 15 years. If your ducts are older than that, it may be time for repair or replacement.

If you are experiencing leaking ductwork in Vancouver, WA, consider sealing your ducts with Aeroseal, now available from Miller’s Heating & Air.

The Benefits Of Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Benefits of Sealing Ductwork With Aeroseal

After sealing the ducts with Aeroseal, homeowners will notice immediate benefits, including:

  • Improved air quality.

    Sealing cracks with Aeroseal prevents dirt, dust, allergens, and other pollutants from blowing throughout your home.

  • Increased comfort.

    Aeroseal helps your furnace and air conditioner heat and cool your home more evenly, eliminating hot spots and cold spots.

  • Energy savings.

    Eliminating air loss with Aeroseal duct sealing can lead to real savings of up to $850 annually on your utility bills.

  • Improved system performance.

    Sealing cracks with Aeroseal means your heating and cooling system won’t have to work as hard. This leads to fewer repairs, better performance, and longer life for your HVAC system.

  • Reduced carbon footprint.

    Because Aeroseal increases energy efficiency, you’ll also be helping the planet by reducing your household’s carbon footprint.

Call Miller’s Heating & Air to improve air quality, increase comfort, save energy, improve HVAC system performance, and reduce your carbon footprint with Aeroseal in Vancouver, WA.

The Aeroseal Process

Aeroseal is a non-toxic, water-based sealant that is aerosolized and blown into pressurized ducts to seal holes and cracks. Aeroseal hardens into an airtight coating that reinforces your ductwork system to help keep treated air in and pollution out.

On the day of service, all the air vents throughout your home will be sealed with tape and foam. The furnace and air conditioner are also isolated and blocked off, so the units are not affected by the sealing process. A temporary access hole is cut into one of the ducts closest to the air handler, where the Aeroseal system is connected with clear flexible tubing.

The ductwork is then pressurized and the contractor runs a preseal test to measure the system’s exact amount of leakage. Next, aerosolized sealant is blown into the ducts and the sealing process begins. Your contractor will use a computer or tablet to monitor the process and share real-time measurements.

When the Aeroseal process is finished, the equipment is disconnected, the foam vent covers removed, and the access hole is patched before the contractor leaves. You will receive a Certificate of Completion that displays your system’s before and after results.

The Benefits Of Aeroseal Duct Sealing

Miller’s Heating & Air Is Your Certified Aeroseal Dealer

Looking for duct sealing in Vancouver, WA or the surrounding area? Miller’s Heating & Air is certified and experienced in the Aeroseal process. With over 70 years in the industry, Miller’s Heating & Air has built a reputation as a trustworthy, efficient, affordable, and friendly locally-owned HVAC company. To schedule Aeroseal service in Vancouver, WA, call Miller’s Heating & Air today!

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