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Vancouver, Washington Air Conditioning Installation - Your Local AC Resource

Get Ready for Summer with AC Installation Vancouver WA

Spring has sprung, and it’s not too early to be thinking about AC installation Vancouver WA. If you’re tired of dealing with the hot, humid summers of Vancouver, WA, call Miller’s Heating & Air to schedule an AC consultation and installation for your home.

Keep reading to learn which air conditioner might be best for your home, why spring is the perfect time to install an air conditioner, and to learn more about the AC installation process.

Vancouver, Washington Air Conditioning

Choosing The Best Air Conditioner For Your Home

The type of air conditioner that will work best for your home depends on a number of factors. These are the main types of air conditioners and their pros and cons:

  • Central AC: Central AC is installed directly in line with the home’s heating system, usually a forced air furnace. The cooling evaporator coil is mounted on top of the furnace, and the condenser coil is placed on a concrete pad outside the house. Cold air is delivered throughout the home via metal ductwork inside the walls and floors. This system is ideal for large homes that already have a ductwork system in place. Central AC is energy efficient and most effective at evenly cooling a large area. Central AC can be cost effective if you have a heat pump versus an air conditioning unit.
  • Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner: A ductless air conditioner also uses a condenser coil which must be installed outside the home, but the evaporator coil is housed in a blower unit that is mounted on an interior wall. Each condenser can run multiple indoor units. Ductless units are available in different sizes, so they can be used to cool just one room or a larger open area. They are not effective at cooling multiple rooms of a large home, where walls block airflow, but they are ideal for older buildings that do not have ductwork. They use less energy to run than central AC, but they may work harder, costing more in the long run.

Vancouver, Washington Air Conditioning

Why Spring Is Ideal For AC Installation

Most people don’t think about air conditioner installation until it’s already very hot, and by that time, most local HVAC companies will be very busy. Although springtime in Vancouver, WA is usually rainy and cool, this may be the best time to schedule an AC installation. The demand for heater installation and repair has lessened, and the demand for air conditioning has not yet begun.

Residents of Vancouver, WA who want to be prepared for the heat of summer should schedule an AC installation with Miller’s Heating & Air.

The Air Conditioner Installation Process

Having an air conditioner installed doesn’t have to be messy or time-consuming. Hiring a local expert with experience will ensure the job is done safely, quickly, and correctly.

Your local HVAC company will send out a representative to examine your home and discuss with you the best air conditioning options. Most offer a free estimate so you know how much you can expect your bill to be. On the day of installation, you should anticipate some noise from the work, and make efforts to keep pets and small children safe and out of the way during the installation.

For a central air cooling system, the unit containing the evaporator coil will first be mounted onto the furnace. This will need to be connected to your electrical panel and thermostat, and will also need a condensate drain attached. A system of pipes will connect the interior unit to the exterior condenser coil.

For ductless mini-split installation, the technician may begin by accessing the electrical panel and running the necessary power wires to the correct location. A small hole will be cut in the wall for power, condensation drainage, and refrigerant lines. All of this can be masked behind a plastic covering. The condenser coil will need to be installed outside, usually on a concrete or plastic pad, and then the blower unit can be mounted on an interior wall.

Overall, air conditioner installation doesn’t take more than a day, and professional HVAC technicians will always clean up their mess, leaving your home as spotless as it was before.

Vancouver, Washington Air Conditioning

Consult Miller’s Heating & Air – Your Local AC Resource

For the best results in Vancouver WA air conditioning installation, call on a local HVAC company with years of experience. Miller’s Heating & Air is one such company, based in Vancouver, WA. They have over 70 years experience with air conditioner installation, maintenance, and repair. Miller’s Heating & Air offers free estimates, expert advice, and affordable options for all your HVAC needs.

4 thoughts on “5 Things To Know Before Installing A Gas Furnace Vancouver WA

    1. Hi Jerry! I spoke to our Senior Technician and he said that he hasn’t experienced new duct causing a smell. However a new furnace will for the first couple of times on start up due to the coating they use to prevent rusting while it was stored.

  1. our airconditioning unit was funcitioning well . Then, when we arrived at home, there was a horrible smell. i called my service man who checked drains, ducts, etc. the odor became less offensive after a time. We had a UVLED light installed
    the smell is not as bad , but still existent. We called back the installer of the light. He again checked the unit thinking the light would remove the odor. i am going to call him this week. The light has not removed the air condition smell. but strangely, when we used the heating system, there was no smell. and the add to the dilemma, the smell is still in the house.
    However, there is no smell from the ductwork on the sleeping side of our house. but, the smell is still evident in our living and dining areas
    Using what i have told you, would it be possible to give me info as the have this fixed?

    Many thanks,

    Charles Ryder

    1. Hi Charles! Thanks for reaching out. I spoke with our Service Field Manager and he said a site visit would be necessary in order to determine the source of the smell. He also let me know that he has come across coils giving off a smell in the past and that some UV lights do better than others in terms of reducing odors.

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