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Why You Should Do a Heating System Installation In the Fall

Why You Should Do a Heating System Installation In the Fall

The Fall can be one of the best times to do a heating system install. Summertime is notoriously the busiest season of year for HVAC companies. Often these companies are booked 3-4 weeks out for installs due to the high demand for air conditioning.  However, it’s a different story in the Fall. Here are the reasons why the Fall is one best times to schedule a heating system installation:

Save Money

Fall is a slower “shoulder” season in between summer and winter. Since it’s slower for HVAC companies, there are many benefits for customers looking to do a heating system install.  First, there is less of a wait. The install teams aren’t booked out as far so you can enjoy your new heating system sooner. In addition, there are often more seasonal promotions and discounts that companies offer. Make sure to ask what discounts and promos are being offered on a heating system installation.

More Time to Research

Since there is more availability on the install schedule, you will have more time to fully research your decision. Take your time to research what type of system you want. Determine what is most important to you: price, efficiency, brand, noise, etc? Make sure to ask your Comfort Advisor any questions you have about the equipment available and the best application for your home. They will be happy to educate you on the various heating system install options for your home.

Moderate Weather

Fall is generally moderate weather. This means that while you take your time to research you will be generally comfortable in your home even if you don’t have heat or your current heat isn’t work efficiently. You won’t feel the pressure to do decide right away and replace since the extreme cold weather hasn’t arrived yet.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Newer heating systems, whether they be gas furnaces, air handlers and/or heat pumps are much more energy efficient than older units. If you choose to do a heating system installation in the Fall, you will save money on your utility bills in the Fall due to the higher efficiency of the new system.

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