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Common Reasons Why Your Furnace Isn’t Working

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It’s winter time and the furnace you have come to depend on for you and your family’s comfort isn’t heating your home. What could be causing the problem? In this article we outline four common reasons why your furnace isn’t heating your home.

Bearings, Belts and/or Motor Issues

Bearings, belts and motors can break over time due to the wear and tear of use. There is a higher change of the bearings, belts and motors failing if you don’t complete a maintenance of your system once a year. Your blower motor, also known as the fan motor, helps to circulate air throughout your system. If it fails no warm air will be circulated in your home even if the furnace is producing it. At this point, you will need a furnace repair camas or furnace repair vancouver depending on your location.

Gas Line Issues

Your gas furnace will not run if there is a problem getting gas, the fuel of your heat, to the furnace through your gas line. Due to the potential danger and health risks of gas, you will need to shut down your system and call a professional who works on natural gas to assess the issue. If you are not sure who to call, call a hvac contractor vancouver wa and they can direct you to the right company.

Ignition Issues

Another possible cause of your furnace not working is an ignition issue. Most times you can diagnose this issue yourself. Check your pilot light on your gas furnace, if the flame isn’t strong or won’t lit properly then it’s most likely an ignition issue. Without the pilot light, the burners for the gas furnace won’t ignite and heat won’t be produced from your gas furnace. It’s best to have a trained technician perform the furnace repair vancouver wa.

Dust & Dirt

Over 90% of mechanical breakdowns needing heating repair vancouver wa is caused by dirt. An annual maintenance ensures that a trained technician is cleaning your system once a year, offering recommendations to improve efficiency and performing a safety inspection. Annual maintenances are so important that your manufacturer warranties will only stay valid if you complete them.

Not changing your furnace filter often enough can also cause breakdowns and the need for heating repair vancouver wa. A dirty filter blocks air flow needed to run the system efficiently. Make sure to change your filter every 1 month to 1 year depending on your filter type. If you are unsure how often you should change out your specific filter, give us, your local hvac contractor vancouver wa, a call and we would be happy to help over the phone. Additionally, your duct work should be cleaned every 7 years. At Miller’s, we provide heating duct service and duct cleaning.

About Miller’s Heating & Air: Miller’s Heating & Air is a residential hvac contractor vancouver wa company that has been around since 1947. Miller’s services includes heating repair vancouver wa, furnace repair vancouver wa, furnace repair camas wa, heating duct service, maintenance, replacement and/or installation, duct cleaning, duct sealing and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).  Call us at 360-524-2880 for any of your heating and cooling needs or to request an appointment online.

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