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Today as I got in my car after it had been sitting in direct sunlight, a wave of super-hot air surrounded me. I turned the air conditioner on full blast and opened all the windows for a couple minutes until a little bit of cool air teased my face. Then I quickly shut all the windows and waited till the atmosphere in my car settled to a comfortable 70 degrees. I know cars come with apps now where you can start you vehicle from your phone and turn on the heat or air conditioner so that it is the perfect temperature when you get inside. Unfortunately, I do not have one of those cars.

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Another area that this phenomena happens is in our homes. I know I don’t want the heat pump running all day long when no one is home. As always there is a remedy for this unnecessary use of electricity. Newer thermostats have WiFi capability that lets you adjust all of your system settings on your phone at home. Now they also come with apps that let you remotely:

  • turn your system on and off
  • change your temperature
  • see if someone is home

This means I could turn HVAC system on while I am leaving work. My house would be a lovely 72 degrees when I arrive. Or I could have my system on a power saver mode all day and use minimal energy, and then have switch to normal mode before I get home. The same goes for when I am on vacation or anywhere else, or when I feel like being evil and messing with whoever may be home at the time.

Honeywell, Nest, and  Lennox iComfort some other manufacturers have WiFi thermostats available with remote capability. These thermostats can save you tons of money. Plus they regulate your heating and cooling system for maximum efficiency and whole home comfort.  Also these WiFi thermostats are extremely affordable. In fact, they may pay for themselves with energy savings over the period of a few months.

To get more information on thermostats visit our thermostats page or give us a call.

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Newer thermostats have WiFi capability that lets you adjust all of your system settings on your phone,. #thermostats #WiFI #HVAC @millersheatingair

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