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Indoor Air Quality

Buying a new HVAC System is one of the most important purchases you can make for your home. It helps maintain not only the comfort, but also, literally, the health of you and your loved ones. It’s one reason Miller’s Heating & Air goes the extra mile not only in educating our professional staff in the field and office: we’re also big on customer education. And knowledge is power. When you know the facts of proper home heating and air conditioning, you not only insure the best solution for your particular needs, but you also can save money in the long run while never cutting corners.

But you need to ask your heating and air provider questions. Below, I’ll answer the first of the Top 10 Things to Know and in my next blog, I’ll answer the others.

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  1. What is so important about Indoor Air Quality?
    • Indoor air quality is so important that we in the business just call by its own acronym: IAQ. But because at Miller’s we make sure every family’s comfort is dialed into the way they live, we want to know what comfort means to our individual home owners and each member of the family. Everybody is a little different. One person might like their bedroom cooler than another’s. We want to know where they are at different times of the day, and where and when they need to be the most comfortable (at every point in the residence). And where are the legacy or potential hot and cold spots?
    • Here in the Northwest, in multi-story homes, heat often just goes up and people are cold downstairs. So we get into determining the size of units (see next question), how many stages they need, variable speeds, the return-air circulation and more.
    • IAQ is huge, because it includes hot-button issues of potential health threats from contaminants, coarse (and fine particles). These, as many people know, can be dangerous to small children, the elderly, people with asthma, or with allergies. There’s so much we can do to insure and improve IAQ for our customers, not just in the equipment we install, but by improving the ventilation, and using the appropriate filters for the situation.
    • Another reason we’re so careful about IAQ is because poor IAQ can shorten the life of your heating and cooling equipment. It goes way beyond comfort.

Right-Size HVAC System

  1. Choosing a Right-Size System.
    • I’m serious when I tell you, with many years in the business in the Northwest, I find half the home systems that are in place are wrong-sized.
    • Reasons for this go beyond merely the often talked about “SQ” (Square Feet). Of course, we do load calculations. Those are a must. But there’s more. Formulas for SQ don’t demand one-size-fits all. Each region of the country is different. What works in the Southwest is not, generally, going to work in the Northwest. A heating and cooling company can’t rely on simply math. They have to understand peculiarities of our weather patterns, how it impacts buildings in different months, even the times of day in some instances. Miller’s been keeping people comfortable more 70 years in this region. We know the Northwest, completely. We stay up on latest technologies for saving money and energy while insuring comfort. Proper sizing will help improve the air comfort and quality, AND be more efficient protecting your electric controls. Faulty sizing is their #1 killer.

Brand is Not Super Critical

  1. Brand is Not Super Critical. Some people will go on and on about this major brand is better than another. It’s generally less true than you think. The name brands are uniformly excellent. The best heating and air professional contractors have to qualify to sell those manufacturer’s products. These name brands are uniformly top notch, many sharing a significant number of internal parts made by one manufacturer. We are proud to sell, install and service long trusted, major brands that provide homeowners with long years of service, saving energy and money over the life of these long-lived products. Period. What are the top hvac systems?

High Efficiency HVAC System

  1. A High Efficiency Product Has Many Benefits
    • When you try to scrimp on efficiency, you often are also compromise quality.
    • Higher efficiency products also uniformly last longer, making them more affordable in the long run.
    • But there is savings, too in cutting your cooling costs on a monthly basis.
    • Finally, high efficiency units are also better for the environment. As HVAC professionals, we’re trained to be good stewards of earth. The beauty part for you homeowners is you can help the planet without sacrificing any comfort.

Contractor’s Reputation

  1. What is Your Chosen Contractor’s Reputation?
    • There’s a reason people don’t buy anything of real value anymore without going online and checking reviews. Hundreds of studies have shown for more than 10 years that people trust what other people say about a company, their services and their products rather than what that company has to say about itself. Makes sense, of course.
    • In our case, for instance, Miller’s Heating & Air hasn’t just been in business in the Northwest for more than 70 years, we have a sterling on-line ratings. Some contractors will try to hide their reviews online. Miller’s has consistent 4.8 average review over hundreds of Google customer comments/assessments. And we have countless customers for life in the Northwest. We’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we are listed as Top Rated by Home Advisor, among Heating & Furnace Contractors and among Air Conditioning Contractors in Vancouver, Washington.

Thanks for taking the time to get informed.

Before you make major, costly decisions about finding a contractor and decide on what kind of products to have installed in your home. Ask yourself, and your potential contractor these questions.

And tune in to my next blog: Top 10 Things you must know Before Buying an HVAC System (Part 2).

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